The Toynbee Convector (recueil de nouvelles), Alfred A. Knopf, 1988

 (A l'ouest d'octobre, Denoël/Présence du Futur, 1990)


The Toynbee Convector


On the Orient, North

One Night in Your Life

West of October

The Last Circus

The Laurel and Hardy Love Affair

I Suppose You Are Wondering Why We Are Here?

Lafayette, Farewell


Promises, Promises

The Love Affair

One for His Lordship, and One for the Road!

At Midnight, in the Month of June

Bless Me, Father, for I Have Sinned

By the Numbers!

A Touch of Petulance

Long Division

Come, and Bring Constance!


The Tombstone

The Thing at the Top of the Stairs

Colonel Stonesteel's Geniune Home-made Truly Egyptian Mummy